Over the Water

I didn´t realise how significant this ferry crossing would be for me until a moment ago, watching Denmark retreat across the water.

My Scandinavian adventures are over. I´m tempted to write “for now”, but actually I have no plans to come back. Too cold and expensive. A lot of money and a lot of waste. But still, I´ve had a lot of good times, met some amazing people and grown as a person. Perhaps I will go back someday – and visit the floating utopia my friends at Teglholm have built.

Now Germany looms on the horizon. A new land, new culture, new language to explore. I plan to begin learning German tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Over the Water

  1. Wings to fly seems to belong to your life experience right now as well as to mine!

    Go well … look forward to sharing more of your adventures soon. It’s been good to know you have been in the land of your forefathers. One day maybe I will see it for myself from a different perspective perhaps? I’d like to think so. Meanwhile, my thoughts and love remain with you.

    love and hugz
    Mum x

  2. Yeah I think I’d definitely go back to check out the Floating City, plus go further to the Swedish forests again… then on to Norway… and definitely indigenous Sami territory… hey and why not Finland… oh f**k the arctic circle we missed that of course too! So much to see. Plus that hippie in the Berlin Buddhist Ctr said something about Norway being a place of hidden terton (teaching treasure) concerning Padmasambhava. Of course I’d never travel on a hippies whim… =-)

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