I’m on a train with Jim, Jatta and a dreadlocked guy named Patrick. Jatta is going home to Finalnd for personal reasons. Patrick is going back to Denmark. Jim and I will hang out in Stockholm for a few days and wait for Pete. If we decide to go that way, we’ll give Jim a lift back to Copenhagen. It’s 50/50 at the moment. We both have an urge to see how far north we can get…although to be honest, that urge is shrinking in me.

We find a last-minute CS host for two nights. Micke is vegan and into skipping. He doesn’t need to ask what a primitivist gathering is and he knows the social centre well. These are all good signs. His flat is only one room though, so after drinking a pot of tea with us he bids us goodnight and goes out to his girlfriend’s for the night, telling us to help ourselves to his food. He also imparts his knowledge on metro and train jumping. In Stockholm, hardly anyone pays for the metro. It seems to be a lot more socially acceptable to “plank” than it is in some other countires. There is even an insurance you can pay that will cover the cost of any fines you might get and a video showing different techniques. I mastered the kicking technique quite well. I´ve yet to try the scarf flick.

Stockholm has a great social centre. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it. It’s shut until the 12th of January, along with the vegan pizza place and other nice cafes. With the traveling and everything, I’d forgotten about New Year. Jim and I spend ours in Micke’s flat without him, watching 1984 on the internet, eating his vegan cheese and watching the fireworks out of the window. Part of me wants to be back in the forest. Another part is snug and smug under my pile of blankets.

We spend two nights with another CS host before I decide to go back to the forest. My breathing is back to normal, I’ve had some space and I feel more like myself again. Jim will stay in Stockholm and I’ll let him know about the lift. He will have to avoid the Rasrisks alone until I get back. Pesky little things.

3 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. I googled it and it seems to be related to falling ice and snow a lot, so the sign probably says ‘warning, wet/slippery floor’.

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