All of our time in Denmark has been spent in Copenhagen. We want to take a bit of time to explore more of Denmark – if only a little, before Germany.

I have a new technique for finding nice spots to park up. Have a look at google maps and turn pictures on. Look at some at random until you find one that looks nice, then go there!

This is how I found –>this place<– and on googling the name I found –>this<–

Looks nice. Although on arriving, it looked a little more like this:

We parked up one night alone at the end of a snowy road, then a second night with Brian and Grainne in a lay-by with a toilet. A good thing too as Grainne promptly came down with the sickness-virus we thought had ended at Teglholm. Pete was soon to follow suit. Hardly the idyllic setting we had imagined and too cold to go outside much, although Pete and I did manage a skiddy bike-ride (we had to walk most of the way) to look at the stones. They were nice. Snowy, but nice.

Brian and Grainne left for Berlin. We are en-route to Hamburg, hoping to meet up with them further down the road.

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