December 7th

I’m in Germany. My first time. I’m ashamed to know hardly any German, and to hardly be trying really. It hardly seems worth it as by tomorrow night I’ll be in Denmark.

I am back in the van with Pete as of 4am this morning when we were reunited at a service station just south of Frankfurt. I left G, Carol, Alex, Ben, Rob, Lou and Laura to continue on up to Copenhagen in the landrover and got a few hours kip after a romantic reunion with Pete. We are now around five hours behind the others, who have decided to drive all night, rotating drivers. We still need to get the shopping before we leave Germany. We have been warned: Copenhagen is expensive.

The first things I noticed about Germany: Coffee here is bigger, but not quite so nice and nowhere near as strong as in France or Spain. The staff are friendlier, the toilets cleaner, the weather rainier. You have to pay for public toilets, but in return for your money you can automatically clean your toilet seat by rotating it uder a little jet of water at the touch of a button. Tissue dispensers are also automated and all taps seem to have motion sensors. How very efficient. It’s always a little disconcerting for me when stereotypes come true. The first sight to greet me on entering a German service station was a man shoving a giant sausage down his throat.

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