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The journey so far

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At the start of September 2009 I left my home in Brighton with an oversized backpack and headed out into the world.

Originally intending to go East, somehow it took nine months to reach Bulgaria: Hitchhiking through France and Spain… travelling in a van with my friend and lover Pete, up into Denmark, Sweden and down into Germany… getting a train to Hungary and cycling down into Serbia and up into Croatia… doing loop-the-loops with Pete again around the Balkans…and hitchhiking alone across Europe back to England, visiting friends, family and festivals and working out my homesickness.

November 2010 I left Britain for the second time, this time with a new-to-traveling Scottish David. We hitchhiked from London to Greece, where David departed and I spent three and half months travelling alone and with Smaranda, then several months hitchhiking and trekking around Turkey with Lisa, Sara and Claire <3

After several months back in the UK with a damaged ankle, I hit the road again in July 2012. Once again heading East, ever East… I finally made it to Iran after three years trying and had some.. interesting experiences. Now it’s time to hibernate a while and catch up on the blog.

I don’t make plans, or when I do, I change them regularly. I like to travel alone and I like to travel with others. I eat a mostly vegan diet. I am interested in “alternative” ways of living, radical ecology, free spaces, squatting, communal living and radical left-wing politics. My journey and the places I visit tend to reflect these interests and I’m always looking for people and places to show me new ways of being and where I can stay for a while, get involved and help out.

Join me if you like.

49 thoughts on “About my journey

  1. hey.
    just discovered you through a post about Can Masdeu on your old blog (a long way from eden). my thumb and I have been wandering around europe for a couple of years now, so have some of my friends. I’m planning on more of that from spring on, but more centered on looking for intentional communities and other places, the long-term aim being that i want to move to such a place.
    I’m thinking we might have things to tell each other… before we bump into each other at a random petrol station.
    let me know!

    a stupid frog

  2. Hi Jo,

    just wishing you well. About to embark on my own adventure tomorrow, more of that anon.

    For now, I am thinking of you, reading your blog, trying to share some of the things which you are realising, and the dream you are fulfilling along the way.

    Try to speak soon, be good to hear from you .. email would do when you can get to somewhere accessible with a signal. In the meantime, carry my love to Denmark. Wish I could have made it this year. A little way down from Copenhagen is Dragos, which is a little fishing village still in the 18th century mould. It was where your great great grandfather would have helped his father with the fishing boat, and listened to the stories of Hans Christian Anderson. His name – Johanne Joseph Kromann, which he anglosized to John Croman when finally he settled with his sweetheart Sarah in London, later at my age now, to be found floating murdered in the Thames.

    Look forward to reading more on the blog as you go.

    Good luck with your adventures!

    Thinking of you always
    Mum xxxxx

  3. Jo,
    I think I found your site thru Couchsurfing. Prob one of the groups. When I see an interesting site, I bookmark then check later when I have the mental mojo.
    I’m american and hitchhiking and blogging.
    I try to theme my writing about me and my travels but also about others doing rocking stuff. The Goodness of People is the main theme, I guess.
    I would like to write a short post about you and your site.
    If you would be obligued, I would ask some simple questtions.
    I meet a lot of women whom say they would love to hitchhike, but it is too dangerous for them.
    Is it too dangerous?
    You started in England and I think you are in Lleida, now? Where have you been? A simple itinerary of your trip.
    What have you learned?

    That is about it! I might think of more.

    Also, I would like to shoot you out a shout of encouragement. I read your last post about hitchhiking burnout. I related to it. I have been hitchhiking for a little over 5 months now. I started full of piss and vinegar. nothing could get me down! Then… well, then it got kinda routine. Hitch. Internet. Hitch. Meet new people. Find places to stay. Food. Hitch. Write articles.
    It was boring!
    I took a psuedo break from the internet for about 10 days when I was in New Orleans, which was good. I thought I was over it. I camped for a couple weeks on my way to Austin, Texas and had lots of alone time which I needed and when I got to Austin, where friends live. I was psyched to socialize! But it is dissapating some. I get sick of telling my story.


    Anyways, I don’t have any answers. I can relate though!

    All the best to you, Lets keep in touch!
    I also want to grow my network of people doing the same thing as I. Hitchhiking bloggers!

    Lets collab!


  4. Hi Jo!

    Great blog! Of course I read the Hamburg part. As I were not at the tree camp site this part was most interesting!
    Keep up the activism, veganism, containering and keep on rep’ing the animal liberation! =)

    You inspired me to start my own blog ;D

    Best vegan wishes,


  5. Hey you! I am someone from wagenplatz barricada göttingen and want to tell you something important, please contact me.

  6. Hi! I came across your blog on Juan Villarino’s page; good luck, very nice journey! I am currently vagabonding around South America at the moment, I’ll see you someday in Europe, I suppose!


  7. Jo!!!
    How are you??? Where are you?? i figured youve left since you dont show up on fridays to see our evil vegan propaganda and cook your lovely food =P and since i recall you saying that you didnt have any clear plans after you left, i was wondering where you are and how you are and all those things one wonders about people…
    So, whenever you have time, and if you want to, write me an email, because i dont have your email address and my phone got stolen and i would like to know whats up with you.
    Lots of love!!!

  8. hello,joe I’m yeliz who is in yücel’s school. I hope you remember me :) how are you? .. and where are you now? ıf you are in istanbul , ı would like to see you again :). take care. see you ..

  9. Hey Jo, been thinking of you and wondered if your blog was still going. So had a peek and actually have just been reading of your travels with your Turkish friend Hussain who was continually trying to be a little too friendly and inappropriate throughout Serbia, Croatia, and several other places. You’ve reminded me very much of similar times and situations with the best of writing and humour. I’ve been laughing out loud, properly. So glad you’re still so well, and, to my shame, I didn’t realise what a talented writer you are. Have read some other snippets of amazing things you’ve done too. You truly are a thoroughly lovely person.

    Everyone who’s written to you is right, you really are an inspiration. All the best to you in your ongoing travels, Love Kate (Rob’s Kate) xxx

  10. Hi Jo,
    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now- I think I stumbled upon it when I was first going to Greece in Dec. 2010. Also we happen to have a similar sounding blog title ha ha. Just wanted to say I love reading about your travels and it’s partly inspired me to writing regularly again. I’ve been to just a few of the same places as you and I look forward to checking out some of the others whenever I’m back in that part of the world – especially Turkey! Never did as much hitching as I wanted, I applaud your continuous commitment to breaking down barriers between people.
    Looking forward to the next part of your return story.

    • Hi Ana, thanks for the message, it’s always nice to hear from other wanderers and I’m happy my blog can be useful to others. Look forward to reading some of your own writing :)

  11. Just stumbled on here. About to leave for paris from birmingham for my first hitchhiking journey, I plan to busk my way around :) read your stuff and I hope we meet on the road! Om shanti love and light, will x

    • Great, lots of luck to you and your thumb Will. Feel free to contact me if you want advice about anything.

  12. Hi! Wow, this blog is really inspiring… you’re taking many people on a journey with you by keeping this! I just wanted to ask- I’m going to barcalona in search of circus squats – do you have any contact from your time there, that I could ask? I really wanna get involved and combine two of my favorite things, circus and squats! Cheers hun, big love!! X

    • Hi, thanks for your message. I do really want to visit Abkhazia, but unfortunately I have moved along and am now in Armenia. Next time I am in the Caucasus I will come – promise :)

  13. excited and refreshing. but its far more difficult to say a Dad goodbye.well passion will always be on the mind..nice to know that you are heading toward East..East eventually Middle East having my country Pakistan too.. what you learn from hitchhiking can be gain from flights too as of the pros & cons. now we have many cheap flights to pakistan services.Stay connected & blessed..

  14. Have you heard of wwoof? I also am interested in sustainable living, alternative lifestyles in terms of people helping one another for a greater cause. Wwoof is organic farming, a culture all its own and would be good if you want to stay in one place for a bit or even a week. Just an option. I start my first wwoof experience February 16…

    • Hi Jess, thanks for following :) Yeah I’ve known about WWOOF for several years but have never got around to doing it myself. I guess I’ve always just had other stuff pulling me in different directions. Maybe someday.. Good luck on your WWOOFing adventures :)

  15. wow must be awesome! :) I’m travelling a lot too but I am always happy to get back to the place I call home (where there’s a comfy warm bed waiting for me!) :)

  16. What can you tell me about hitch hiking in arab countries as a woman? on the road myself. limited internet access. tips appreciated.

    • I haven’t hitchhiked in any Arab countries and I imagine there would be some differences between them, but I would say to hitch in a pair if possible, learn as much language as you can and always speak to the driver BEFORE you get into the car, even if only for a couple of minutes. That way you have time for your instinct alarms to go off. Actually, I would give this advice to women hitching in any country.

  17. BTW, you really should head to Thailand. If you stay away from the tourist places mobbed with backpackers, it’s one of the most friendly places for ‘travelers’ in the world.

  18. Hey Jo! I love reading your blog and participating in your adventures vicariously through your posts. KEEP ON GOING!!!!! : )

    On another note I want you to stay safe out there and would be happy to extend an SOS World Pass to you at no charge. It’s a little peace of mind you can keep with you. Pull it out in the event you need help or can’t speak the language. Send me an email and I’ll get you set up kyle@sosworldpass.com. The website is http://www.sosworldpass.com if you’d like to investigate first.

    Keep the blog posts coming!

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for the offer, that’s really kind of you, though I can’t really think of a situation I would need it in right now. If I need important translations, I usually just ask a native speaker to write it down for me. Nice idea though – I’m sure many tourists and business folk would find it really useful.

      Thanks for reading,

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  20. Hi there,

    I recently came across your blog and was wondering if there were any sponsored post opportunities available? I represent a number of travel clients who are looking to sponsor posts with a contextual link in, either in the text itself or in a disclosure at the end.

    Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in, or if you have any similar alternatives and we can discuss further and make arrangements.

    You can contact me on James.Dart@accordgroup.co.uk.



  21. It is very interesting to see that not only did you share your pictures but also your story. A lot of the times we see people traveling but we have no clue how they started or even why. Way to go on getting out there and doing what you love. i would also love to travel. Join me on my journey if youd like at angiemarr.blogspot.com :) Safe TRAVELS!

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