How to Squat a Cave in Cappadocia

For more (much better) pictures, see Emée’s Cappadocia post –>here<–

5 thoughts on “How to Squat a Cave in Cappadocia

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  2. wow Jo this is magical!
    Of course I’ve read all of the things you have written as well, and they are just as magical (funny I need an English girl to come and persuade me to actually start going around the Balkans, no?), but the elation that these pictures bring me is just… wow. I feel like my lung capacity has increased by about 50% out of happiness…

    thank you for the awesome blog which is such a pleasure to read by the way! :]

    —-Isabel (athens, vegan, green fringe one)

    • Awww, Isabel you are very sweet. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment. I remember you and your green fringe (and chocolate truffles!) very well :)

      Did you see the truffle recipe in my recipe pages btw? Maybe you could send me a picture to go with it?

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