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The Light of Tangiers

This is the narrowest crossing point between the European and African continents, where the Iberian Peninsula just stops short of kissing the north of Morocco. This is also the site of a migration crisis that is little covered in the news, and gathering more information about the situation and the people who are struggling there is the main motivation for my visit.

“Get the Money, Get the Money!”

15-20th March, 2013 After leaving Barış’s apartment, I go to live with Jane and her friends in Mafia’s place, just around the corner in a different part of Zeytinburnu. It’s another world. Jane and I share a room with Mafia and his partner, our friend Helen. There are two other rooms in the flat. One,…

Battles Over Borders Under Bridges

13 – 22nd July, No Border Camp, Cologne I get a lift to Cologne from Lille with three French activists. We arrive in the middle of the night and attempt to navigate our way through the city. Finally, we drive down a narrow road that follows the river and there, under a railway bridge on…