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The Edge of the War

A few months ago I lay in a tent 10km from the Syrian border, feeling the ground quake as the coalition bombed ISIS throughout the night. From Mahser, the Kurdish village a mere 1km from Kobane, I saw smoke mushrooming out above the besieged city.

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Hitchhiking Ancient Armenia

It’s the middle of December and we’re taking the longest road possible from the North-East to the South-West corner of Anatolia, through East Turkey, or North Kurdistan, or Western Armenia – depending on who you’re speaking to.

The Place that Doesn’t Exist

3-7th October, 2012 I mention to our host that we would travel through Kurdistan. His reply is immediate – “There’s no such place.” We’re staying in Mersin with a Kurdish friend, in a flat full of musicians, in a tall noisy tower-block across from the sea. Electro-pop music judders up the building from the bar…