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What Revolution? Five Days in Tunisia

I visited Tunisia between the two terrorist attacks of 2015; just a few days after gunmen opened fire on tourists in the Bardo Museum in Tunis, killing over 20 people, and just three months before at least 37 people were massacred on a hotel beach in Sousse. It was my first time on the African continent.

When the World Didn’t End

20th-24th December, 2012, Shiraz and Persepolis I am a giraffe in Iran. I walk the streets with my long neck, swaying in the breeze. People stop and gape. “Where from? Where from?” They’ve never seen a giraffe before, not even on television. Trouble is, being an exotic animal is starting to grind me down. They…

Playing Spin the Bottle in Kerman

10-11th December, 2013, Kerman I first met Sarah in Tbilisi, Georgia, while sharing a CS host. We knew we were going the same way, but she raced past me in Armenia and got to Iran a week before me. Somehow, she’s still here. I decide to go to Kerman to meet her and then race…