Isabel's Chestnut Chocolate Truffle Thingys

1. Get one bag (or more, or less…) of chestnuts and a bunch of chocolate.

2. Cut off the nobbly bit from the chestnuts, because if you don’t, apparently they explode.

3. Put them in water and boil them until they are very soft and have gotten darker.

4. Wait for them to cool (or not, if you can handle peeling them hot) and peel them. Make sure you get both the woody outside peel and the hairy peel inside thing…

5. Put them in a food processor (or something that mashes them up. Or just squish them hella-much) until there are very few chunks.

6. Melt the chocolate and add it to the chestnut paste until it becomes brown (after stirring) like, dark brown-brown and tastes chocolatey.

7. Put it in the fridge. When it becomes hard enough to roll, do so and then roll them in cocoa powder.

Keep them in the fridge! =)

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