The Old Year and the New


Somewhere in the South of Spain

I have somewhat neglected this blog during 2015, I know. This is mainly because all of my writing efforts were going into maintaining my other travel blog over at Wand’rly Magazine, and of course working on my book (almost finished the first full draft now) and writing articles for other publications, such as In the Fray.

But a New Year calls for a fresh start. Now that I have published my last post (for now) on the Wand’rly blog, I feel it’s time to revive this one.

Various things have happened in the last year that I haven’t written about anywhere yet: a trip to Tunisia between the two terrorist attacks; a recent visit to Morocco to meet West African migrants who are trapped behind Europe’s southern border; many new discoveries during almost a year in Granada and, of course, the latest in the saga of my own border struggle. I’ll be covering all of these over the next few posts, and there are many adventures still to come, of course.

For now, if you haven’t read it yet, please take the time to check out my latest publication for In the Fray, Sleeping Under the Rocket Trails, an interview with a friend from Aleppo.

I also had the honor of being included in the Best of In the Fray 2015 post for my piece The War Within the War, about being by the Syrian border in Kurdistan during the siege on Kobane. This is the second year running that my work has been included in the Best of In the Fray and I feel super grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to write for them, and just a little bit proud. Let’s see if I can get in that list again for 2016!

One thought on “The Old Year and the New

  1. I liked your (maybe) last post on the Wand’rly blog :)
    Wherever the winds of change sweep you too Jo, I am sure you will make the most of it

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