Vagabundo Competition

Nothing Held BackTo celebrate the brand new Vagabundo issue and my contribution to the magazine, I’m launching a competition.

If you thought this blog was a tad quiet lately, one of the reasons is that I’m now writing and blogging for Vagabundo, a recently relaunched adventure travel magazine. Vagabundo is written for travellers, by travellers. It’s completely independent, and that’s why you might also notice that I’ve broken my no banners rule in an effort to support it.

It was a huge honour (and also a little nerve-wracking), to write my contribution – a tribute to Taylor Booth, the well known and loved world hitch-hiker who lost his life in a car crash early last year, while hitch-hiking in Chad. I’m delighted that the editors dedicated this entire issue to him.

When I think of real adventure travel, Taylor comes immediately to my mind.

To enter the competition, post a comment below or reply on Twitter, saying what ‘adventure travel’ means to you.

The prize? A lifetime digital subscription to Vagabundo Magazine. Yep, that’s right, as long as it’s being printed, you’ll be a subscriber. I have three permanent subscriptions to give away and will choose the winners based on the most inspiring responses to the question above. I’ll announce the winners a week from today, Thursday 6th February, 2014.

If you might be interested in buying a single issue or subscription to the magazine, I would very much appreciate if you would click here to send a struggling travel writer (me!) some of the revenue.

You can have a flick through the latest issue by clicking on the image below.

Cover Jan Vagabundo

6 thoughts on “Vagabundo Competition

  1. I often find myself uttering the sentence ”Life just happens to me” in random conversations. I guess this is how I’d define adventure travel as well.

  2. Adventure travel is about stepping out of your bubble. To leave your comfort zone and risk the unexpected. Being open to change and new twists and turns. Getting into trouble…

  3. Adventure travel always sounds good to me when I am home, safe and sound. Then, I find myself in the middle of China on a camel, trekking deep in the jungles of Thailand or lost in the backstreets of Rome. I think to myself, “How did I get here? Oh, that’s right, it sounded good while sitting on my couch in Canada!”. A few months, or even years later, I do it to myself again. I must like it.

  4. Thanks to the four people who entered my competition. The three winners are Emma, Emee and voiceofabird. You should be receiving an email confirming your new lifetime subscription to Vagabundo Magazine shortly.

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