New Calender Alert!

For all you travellers, anarchists, hippies and vagabonds out there who will be roaming Europe this spring and/or summer, uncertain what to do with yourselves, I’ve just added a European Events Calender with activist camps, festivals and other big gatherings like Rainbows and the European Htichgathering –>here<–

Comment with events and if they feel fitting, I’ll add them.

One thought on “New Calender Alert!

  1. Well well! Good to hear from you at last. It’s not like I was laying up at night, wondering why you hated me so. Ahem.

    I am still alive and kicking, despite myself, and was happy to revive my blog after 18 days in the jungle by posting a new post and approving your comment(s). I would indeed be interested to read your bit on travellers, and if you are planning on sending it out please do not forget me (again). All right, that was the last one, I promise :)

    Good to hear you’re still going strong, and my respect and well wishes go out to you, viajera compañera. Keep that roadside under your boots, and that pack filled with vegan goodies! Chao!!


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