Dear World

Months have passed and all the while, this blog has sat patiently awaiting my words. A lot is on its way. I have been busy taking an online travel writing course with MatadorU these past 12 weeks and have written plenty of assignments for that, including the last piece I wrote on here – There’s a Special Offer on Fairy Dust in the Psychic Piglet. I’m now reaching the end of that course and am getting ready to apply all that I’ve learned. I’ve also been working on stories, articles and some blog entries – all coming soon.

For now, feel free to check out this old blog of mine I just moved to WordPress from its former home on Blogger. This was my pre-travel blog: sharing my personal experiments with living simply, reducing the need for money and getting involved in activism and ecological projects, as well as some general musings on life. There is a category bar at the top of the page so you can find things that might interest you quickly.

I have also recently been lured begrudgingly into the world of social networks. Now you can follow me on Twitter – if I can figure out how it works!

See you soon.

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