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Greetings from Hungary31st May

Hi there,

Hopefully I have the right e-mail addresses which I got from my dad. If, by any chance, you don’t know what I’m talking about please ignore my e-mail because then they are probably wrong addresses.
My name is Kata Franko and I’m the daughter of the man you met in Hungary. My dad is short with a moustache.:-) I think you spent one night in our house. Hope you remember.
So he asked me to write a few words for you. First of all because  he would like to know if you got back to England without any problem.
Second of all he just would like to say hello.
Unfortunately he doesn’t speak English, as you probably realised, so when he said that two English ladies spent a night in our house I imagined the situation which, I’m sure, was very funny.:-) But he said you could actually communicate in a way.
I’m sure you met a lot of people on your journey but I thought I just write a few words about him and the place if you don’t mind.
So he’s my dad and the place you were was once a very busy place with lots of children, neighbours. It used to be my grandparents’ (my dad’s parents) weekend house however they spent half of the year there once they retired. Me and my brother spent our summer and other holidays there. We also went there every other weekend just to get out of the city and enjoy the nature. We loved that place. Back then it was still “alive”, we had the little pool, we could play table tennis, my grandma cooked everyday, we played and sometimes studied with my grandpa. Our cousins were also there sometimes and we could bring friends as well. So it was brilliant.
But then we grew up and after a while it was not so interesting to spend our weekends there but we stayed at home instead. So it was my dad only after who went there every other weekend and we visited occassionally only. Unfortunately my grandma died a couple of years ago and since then even my grandpa doesn’t go there anymore. So my dad is the only one who goes there when he can and this place is his now.
He’s just retired recently and now has more time to go there. He actually lives very close to the capital in a flat with my mom and brother (and I lived there as well) so he can’t wait to get out of the city and spend some time alone and do some gardening and stuff.
I actually live in London and came here almost eight years ago. I go home every other month to meet the family and friends.
So that’s it really. Hope you don’t mind my long e-mail. I just thought you would remember that place differently if you knew a few things about it.
I’m sure my dad would be happy to hear a few words from you. How you carried on with  your journey, which countries you visited, how you liked Hungary, etc.
Also, he mentioned you took a couple of photos. Would you mind e-mailing them if you have them?
Thank you for reading my e-mail.
Take care!
P.S. I’ve attached two photos – one is a lunch – my grandparents and my dad, the other one is the house (it’s not my dad on the photo;->)

2 thoughts on “An Email

  1. woaw Jo…been reading your stories lately and this one combined with the other..they make me really happy to know that there are still people out there who care so much about connecting with others and creating so much meaning from such simple random encounters :) that’s exactly the kind of things i really want to experience whilst travelling..thanks for sharing!

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