Lost Phone!

Well I managed to hold onto that one for about a year, which is bloody good for me. It has finally been lost or stolen – probably both – somewhere in Pancevo, near to Belgrade. I am in Belgrade now and looking for a phone, but they are all very expensive so if anyone in the UK (or anywhere else) has a spare one they can send me I can arrange postage and pay for costs.

The sad bi-product of this tragedy is the loss of all of the pictures I took of me and Sam’s cycle tour. I have copies of her pictures and will upload them soon with a couple of blog entries, but rather than the back of Sam and pictures of my bike, it will be the back of me and pictures of Sam’s bike in romantic settings. Sam is in love with her bike. They are married on facebook.

Obviously any texts will go unanswered for the time being, but I am arranging a replacement sim with the same number, so don’t delete it just yet. I just need a handset.

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