Hitching Burnout?

A different waiting room. The one in Lleida has a view of the world outside and a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich vending machine. I wait for an hour and then walk out. Fuck it. I will look at my armpit later and decide for myself if it needs further treatment or not.

I arrive at Tremp two hours early and finish off my shiitaki mushroom pate (I can hear you drooling Mango!) before heading over to the usual rendezvous point: Bar Miami, to wait for G.

I’m very tired. I put my tent up last night on a disused patch of land in Lleida, but lay awake most of the night thinking I heard footsteps or the nearby house was on fire. Wild camping is better with two people I think.

I’m starting to get annoyed with people constantly asking why I’m traveling alone, if I’m not scared, telling me it’s dangerous, that I’m very brave. I’m sick of people offering lifts because they fancy me. I’m developing a strong dislike for the word “guapa”.

Is this hitchhiking burnout? Or am I just sick of traveling alone for now? It’s just as well I’ll be spending the next month in one place, with people I love and trust and who allow me to be myself. I have only been to Ecodharma twice before, but it feels like coming home.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing over the next month. Internet is sketchy up in the mountains, I’ll be working a lot as we’re building a house and I would like to spend my free time hanging out with people, meditating and writing other stuff. Plus my trapeze is up there!

I will check in every now and then and my adventures will resume in a few weeks.

My last visit to the mountains

My first visit to Ecodharma

3 thoughts on “Hitching Burnout?

  1. Hang-in there! After your meditative break, with a change in perspective it might all pick up again. Then there’s Copenhagen (not that it’ll be a break! But…) – so how much time will be left hitching this year? Ha! By the end of december you’ll be missing it… Px

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely daughter xxxxx

    Hope you are doing okay, I’m keeping up with your blog but worried about the burn-out … I know what burn-out feels like, hope you’re okay! you haven’t written for a while now.

    Wherever you are, and whoever you are with I hope your birthday is special in every way. Write me an email when you can????

    Love and hugz
    Mum xxxx

  3. Hey!

    I stumbled across your blog through hitchwiki. I was camping in Lleida too – that part of Catalunya is terrible for hitching, and camping! If you are still in Europe and will be heading through Salamanca sometime in January or maybe February (if Im still here) let me know. polojunkx@hotmail.com. Traveling alone isnt as fun, I agree 100%. Itd be great to trade stories n hang out or whatever.


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