South, South, South

Weds 30th Sept

I am in a lorry shuffling South down the autoroute towards Tours with my friend Alex. We are destined for Barcelona, where a No Borders Gathering will  start tomorrow afternoon. We intended to leave on Monday, but I wanted to stay a little longer to help support the hunger-strikers (see last post). I intended to leave last Friday, but have been holding out for Alex, who has a damaged foot after being dragged through a fire by police during the Pashtun Jungle destruction. A hot coal got caught in his sandal and he was unable to explain to the police that his foot was on fire because he was held in a headlock and was unable to breathe.

The foot is now a lot better, the limp is diminished and after a five hour wait (my longest ever!), we are finally out of Calais. I was really starting to think it wouldn´t let us leave, especially when a CRS van stopped next to us and deterred the one lift we were offered in the first four hours from taking both of us because it´s illegal to have three in a cab.

2nd Oct, morning

Just hit Pyrenees. Mountains and fourty-ton trucks make my heart skip a beat. Something about what they represent to me – freedom and shifting horizons.

Now we are speeding towards summer – me, Alex and our Hungarian truck driver. Eurythmics on the radio, “here comes the rain again”, but not a cloud in sight. The sun burns my face through the glass and makes me smile. South, south, south, as the rosary swings in the windscreen and we muddle through conversations about mafia encounters, barely understood in our mish-mash dialect of Españ-Itali-Eng-arian.

Almost there…

One thought on “South, South, South

  1. just a little addition. i looked up ‘may 37’ to find out the history of the squat and the street:

    it was an anarchist stronghold during the spanish civil war. in may 1937 a dispute began between the communists and the anarchists on that street which turned into an all-out war between the two groups in which several ‘lead’ anarchists were killed.

    barcelona is such an inspiring place. but i think im glad to be taking all my inspiration home with me! them hardcore black clad anarchists are so hard to work with. what an amazing history though…


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