Rye and Camber

I did my morning yoga in the cornfield on top of the High Rocks. The sun was shining strong and all I could see was blue sky, gold field, green trees. I realised I would like nothing better than to go to the beach. Back at the van Pete and I studied the map. A vast expanse of nothing showed around the beaches near Rye, usually a good sign.

We stopped to buy raspberries and plums from a stall by the road. Raspberries are amazing, how could I have forgotten? We scoffed the whole lot straight away.

We found free internet at the library in Rye and I set about typing up some of the mountains of words I have already written since hitting the road. We found a health food shop too and spent a small fortune. Luxury vegan food items are hard to find in France. We ate chips near the castle and headed back to the van.

Camber is only three miles from Rye and it’s maybe the nicest beach I have ever been to: rolling sand dunes, huge flat expanse of yellow-white sand and quite empty really on a hot Monday afternoon.

I left Pete to snooze and went for a leisurely swim, singing songs I made up out loud as the waves lifted me. Nobody to see or hear me.

Nowhere to park up by Camber so we drove out to a lane a few miles away and here we have parked in a layby by another yellow field, where I have just finished practicing yoga, much to the amusement of passing cars. It’s another scorching day. Today we will go to Calais.

2 thoughts on “Rye and Camber

  1. Well, if you ever make it back to England take yourself to the beaches on the North Norfolk coast between Old Hunstanton and Holkam (and probably beyond). They are AONB and where I grew up. Real, proper, beautiful beaches …


    P.S. I’m sure Camber beach is gorgeous too. Must visit it someday.

  2. Ahhh come on… Camber ain’t that great – u b a real “good beach” starved Brighton girl huh? Take the cornish beaches for instance – thasa real golden sands I tells ya! Plus u neva mentioned our little “welfare check”. We went 2 d pub after parkin up that night. & half way through d night a coppa turned up goin from 1 punta 2 d next askin about somethin. Our spider-senses tingled & low & behold d coppa walked right up 2 our table & said out straight “Are you Mr Peter H-?”… honestly, straight off, no ‘we’ve checked d registration of a van out by a field’ or any other preliminary… Anywho I said yes, we talked about the van, & he came out with the most bizarre reason for why he was doing what he was doing: “It’s ok, its just a welfare check,” … yeah anyway I know “could of been stolen…” bla bla bla… “welfare” still sounds like double-speak 2 me… shoulda just been honest & said “I’m a Busy, & I wanna know, tell me”… though he seemed 2 know not 2 ask more than twice 4 d girl & her thumb’s name… We did a tarot readin on d guy after 2… but now I’m rambling…

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